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Feel Good RnB

RnB that will leave you positive, confident and ready for the day. Curated by Neah Gray.


Baila Reggaeton

Fast beats, loud bass, and sensual lyrics, these songs make you want to party all night. Curated by Marcela Royo.

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Eclectic Acoustic

Smooth acoustic arrangements featuring everything from RnB to rock to hip hop to pop. Curated by Jolene Carter.


Feel da Vybz

Caribbean and dancehall music that will make you stop, drop & pop it. Curated by Neah Gray.


artists to know


H.E.R. vs. H.I.M.

Is H.I.M.'s music a reply or creative theft? Curated by Camille Sery-Ble.


Energized by Willow

Willow's earliest to most recent work. Curated by Camille Sery-Ble.

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Triple Blackness

Neo-soul R&B and Hip Hop music. Curated by Neah Gray.

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Female Stunnas

Up and coming women of color in RnB. Curated by Eleanor Mendelson.


editorsโ€™ picks


Funky Vibes and Relatable Times

Fun beats and lyrics for any mood. Tame Impala, Chance the Rapper, Phoenix & more. Curated by Amanda Molloy.


Homecoming Season

Dedicated to HBCU homecomings around the nation. Featuring hip-hop's greatest hits each year from the past 25 years. Curated by Camille Sery-Ble


The Roller Rink โ›ธ

Lace up your skates and glide along to this mix of groovy pop and disco tunes. Curated by Sydney Hamilton.


COOKIN' ๐Ÿณ๐Ÿ—

A collection of food titled songs to get down to while in the kitchen. Curated by Eleanor Mendelson.

festive playlists


Chill, sensual tunes to set the mood for any romantic setting. Curated by Amanda Molloy.


๐ŸŽƒ Spooky Songs ๐ŸŽƒ

All the spooky tunes to put you in the mood for Halloween and the rest of fall. Curated by Nana Gongadze.


Grateful. Thankful. Blessed.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with tunes from every genre. Curated by Camille Sery-Ble.

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PHAZE Holidaze

A collection of some of the most classic Christmas hits to get you in the spirit this year! Curated by Camille Sery-Ble.




Do Not Disturb

A sensual collection of new and 2000's inspired R&B with a kick of lively 808 Hip Hop. Curated by Camille Sery-Ble.